• ... British industry has never looked so good as in Maurice Broomfield’s black-and-white portraits, which make the most banal processes appear epic and sexy.

    The Times, March 2004

    Maurice Broomfield is an old-fashioned humanist. The photos ask a lot of questions about the 1950s and 1960s: what our beliefs were, and what we were thinking before Margaret Thatcher came along and redefined our whole perception of ourselves. His pictures are a record of a historical moment after the war, when British industry was getting back on its feet. They show a great belief in the utopian relationship between man and machine.

    The Guardian, March 2004

    Broomfield is truly a great technician with a unique eye - there is a graphic beauty, a still glamour to his compositions. I rate the images, especially the black and white, for this reason and for the fascinating subject matter, recording an England that no longer exists.

    Don McCullin

    Maurice Broomfield in Peshawar, Pakistan

    Maurice Broomfield in Peshawar, Pakistan

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    Limited editions of Maurice's work are available, and a very few original prints and signed editions. For more information please contact us.


    2003 - Major exhibition in Valletta. Malta opened by The British High Commissioner
    2002 - Emsworth Artists. Watercolour Paintings
    2002 - The Julie Margaret Cameron Trust. Isle of Wight, England
    2000 - Sir Paul SmithÕs Gallery, Covent Garden, London
    1999 - Still Moving Galleries, Hollywood. Featuring the work of three generations of Broomfields
    1998 - Around the World on a freighter. Photographing for exhibitions and publications
    1997 - Exhibition in the Heritage Centre Derby. England. Titled “Broomfield’s”. Displaying work of his father, the late William Broomfield, a Derbyshire artist, alongside his industrial photographs.
    1985 - Photography and painting in remote areas of Mexico
    1981 - North Sea oil and gas exploration photography. Exhibition in the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall. London. Later moved on to tour major cities and towns in Great Britain. Widely covered by television and press.
    1973 - Exhibition of Photography, Film and TV in the Albert Hall, London
    1968 - Around the World commission by Hawker Siddeley. Many months work making pictures in America, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji Islands and other countries.
    1967 - 1969 Guest lecturer with Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Swan Hellenic, in the Greek Islands
    1966 - Opening of the Post Office Tower and exhibition “Communications’. Featured 5 x 4 ft. Kodak transparencies. All the photographs were taken on Ektacolour.
    1964 - Represented the UK for Industrial Photography at the World Fair. Commissioned by the USA Government Tourist Department to photograph America through the eyes of an Englishman for a London exhibition opened by the American Ambassador.
    1964 - Guest lecturer at the European Photographic Congress in Burgenstock Switzerland.
    1963 - Extensive photography in East and West Pakistan covering the Indus Valley, the Afghanistan border, Kashmir to Hunza following the old silk road towards Sinkiang, China.
    1959 - Large exhibition in the Bouwcentrum, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Sponsored by Philips of Eindhoven. Opened by the British Charges d’Affaires. Featured on Dutch Television.
    1958 - Awarded the Royal Photographic Society Hood Medal for Colour Photography.
    1958 - Received the Financial Times Award for Industrial Photography. This award featured in an Ester Ranzen interview during a BBC programme.
    1956 - 1958 - Advisor for Boxfoldia, a well known packaging company in Birmingham. subject: “Using Colour Photography For Presentation Of Television”
    1954 - Photography for the Guardian Newspaper for an Industrial Survey publication
    1954 - Publicity and Exhibition photography for Aquilla Airways Flying Boats in the Mediterranean and the UK.
    1953 - Silver City Airline commission to photograph car and passengers services between England and France.
    1953 - The British Institute of Professional Photographers display my work in the RBA Gallery
    1947 - Formed Yevonde & Broomfield Ltd. Berkeley Square, London. Specialised in making educational film strips
    1946 - 1947 - Photographed the progress of recovery from a war ravaged Europe.